PROGUMIX is a mixture of hydrocolloids where the main ingredient is tara gum, which is manufactured in Peru.

  • Gelifying properties, providing stabilization and texture
  • Improvement of viscosity in meat-based systems
  • Emulsion stabilizer, water and grease binder, preventing exudations    
  •  Bright cross section appearance.
  • Improves shine and texture  
  • The synergistic effect of its hydrocolloids, allows you to reduce the dose of other formulation ingredients: soy, carrageenan, starches, …     
  • The approximate dose is 0.3% (3 gr per 1 kg of product)  
  • It is stable to heat   
  • No flavor and no color


100% vegetable products – Meat products

  • 100% vegetable products – Meat products
  • Meat emulsions (frankfurts, hamburgers, …)
  • Ready meals   100% vegetable products (hamburgers, sausages, meatballs)